Designing your Perfect Sofa @ Flexis Haus: We like ours Stain-Free!

Finding the perfect sofa to match your furnitures or house design / layout can be very challenging. It has to be of good quality, your preferred colour and size, nice fabrics and the right design. We spent quite sometime scrutinizing websites and visiting show galleries to hunt for the right sofa for our family hall upstairs. Thank god we stumble upon this. Read more.


這麼好的service,你們可以在 @flexishaus 找到.

這麼好的service,你們可以在 @flexishaus 找到,謝謝他們給了我非常好的優惠🥳🥳🥳 備註:超級容易照顧和打理,不管是原子筆印,醬油積或者咖啡積,基本上用濕布就能夠去除污跡了)

Father’s Day Gift Suprise!

On this meaningful Father’s Day, Farah Nabilah have the best gift ever to surprise her hubby. A light tone sofa is classy and challenging to keep it clean. But with #fibreguard stainfree technology, have worry no more! From ketchup and red wine to coffee and ink, FibreGuard fabrics are simply easy to clean.