About Us

Venturing into this furniture industry 6 years ago, my superior collaborated with  factories as a start with our own brand sofa and I’m the person-in-charge of exhibitions. The furniture business continues to boom as the demand for home and office accommodation grows across Malaysia. With new developments and the growth of urban population, the furniture business is experiencing good times on our continent – in another words, more people are looking at our premium products : Sofas.

We started as a business to design, build and sell our own concept of sofas; from contemporary to premium. Travelling from north to south every week has became a norm as we need to promote different types of sofas, penetrating different states as fast as we can. Results driven, we managed to generate good sales revenue from this.

Everything seems ideal until 2 years ago, my superior who has been manning other businesses as well passed over this responsibility to me, and I took over. I continued with the same business mindset and strategies, mostly exhibitions-focused.

Through customers support and loyalty, we’ve decided to express our new vision, and attract new customers, through our Gallery. “To see, touch, feel and try out items”, getting the tactile experience of the real material, we hope to build a stronger relation with customers as well, knowing their taste and needs further by providing them a one-stop shopping experience for their home.

This Gallery idea will incorporate other renowned and trusted suppliers to showcase the furnitures. 


We believe we have the strong management and leadership skills to help make this little furniture company a success story.

There was a time when the exhibition organisers were mushrooming and at its peak when things began to fall in place, as organisers are being irresponsible – causing bad shopping experience for customers. This causes a tremendous downfall in our business as we lost accountability, reliability and reputation on our brand, and most customers would hold back from purchasing during exhibitions.

The best thing we ever did was to realise the importance of public relations and after sales service. The efforts to build great relationship with customers had a large impact on revenue and brand awareness.

 Living up to trend of being able to get everything at the same stop, we find that customers wish to have their home ideas solved too.